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Raven Consultancy is a dynamic business and information technology consultancy agency based in Jersey, in the Channel Islands. We specialise in the delivery of solutions tailored to our clients' specifications, both in terms of their needs, and their respective budgets. We offer a broad variety of services, ranging from general I.T. troubleshooting to the most specific of projects, so feel free to browse our site to learn more about us, and see what we can do for you today.

The Boss
David M.A. Booth, Principal


Who We Are

We are a small team, but are nimble and flexible as a result. We can take on projects and provide solutions quicker than bigger vehicles, and our attention is always focused on keeping our customers in the driving seat at all times.

David M.A. Booth Principal David is the driving force behind Raven Consultancy, and is solely responsible for all day-to-day aspects of the running of the business. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Colin R.E. Jewison Consultant Colin's blend of knowledge and experience across the entire IT sector make him an ideal consultant to bring in on specific projects. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Simon J. Booth Consultant Simon's practical nature and tenure in the IT industry are invaluable, particularly in the area of computer hardware. Facebook Twitter Linkedin